Eduardo Sampedro
Software Developer
Location: Chicago, IL & Janesville, WI
Microsoft Certified Professional MCP# 3519872

Software Developer 1989 to Present

- Development of Web Based Applications:
        Behavioral Responders, Commercial Production Applications, Online/Order Transactions, Surf/Click Tracking
        Web Based Inventory Control and Point Of Sale Systems, Website Website Traffic Administration and Statistics

- Development of Windows Based Applications:
        Stand-alone Solutions for Small Business. Primary language: C# under Visual Studio 2009 and 2010.

- Extensive Experience Providing Consulting and Training Services
        Private as well as for Small Businesses. Groups of up to 30 People (English and Spanish)
        Computer Fundamentals.
        Programming with ColdFusion, PHP and Python.
        Algorithms, Mathematics and Logic.
        Hardware/Software Troubleshooting.
        Relational Databases, SQL and Relational Algebra Fundamentals.
        Drupal Installation and Fundamentals.
        HTML and CSS.
        XML with DTD and XSD.
        MS OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8.
        MS Office: Excel, Outlook & PowerPoint.

        LINUX OS: Ubuntu Desktop 13.04.
        LINUX Server OS: Ubuntu 13.
- Extensive Experience Deploying Web Based Applications
        Cold Fusion and PHP.

- Networking Topography and Deployment of Infrastructures for Small LAN's.
        Physical and Logical Networks

- Database Deployment: MS-SQL and Access.
        Development of Relational Databases

- Installation, Maintenance and Training for Internet Based Security Systems (Digital CCTV).
        Complete Assessment and Deployment of Surveillance Systems

- Web Hosting and System Administration.
        Services Provided to my Current Clients

Software Skills
Extensive use of the following applications: Training and Development

ColdFusion Server versions 4.0 - 8.0 Web Development
Crowdsourcing and Social Networks Training and deployment of newly developed technologies
DNS & IIS Windows Server 2000 - 2012 System Administration
HTML 4 & CSS Web Development
HTML 5 Ready for Web Development when Released
JavaScript Web Development
jQUERY Web Development
LINUX OS (RedHat, Suse, Ubuntu) Setup and Configuration of Desktops & Servers
Mobile Apps Android
MS Access 2000 - 2012 Extensive I/O Use on Websites
PhotoShop 7 - CS Graphic Design
PHP Web Development
MS SQL Extensive I/O Use on Websites
Visual C# .NET Web Based and Stand Alone Applications
Windows 2000 - 2012 Server Configuration and System Administration
Windows OS: Vista, XP,7 & 8 Training and Technical Support (English and Spanish)

Location Chicago, IL and Janesville, WI
Interests Astronomy, Chess, Innovation and Teaching.
Languages English and Spanish.
Current Projects Free Online Notification Service:
  Web Based Anti Spam System:
  Motion Blockers:
  Web Based Anti Spam System: