Design and Deployment

Physical and Logical Networks          $75 hour
Network Logo - Physical Network:
      Run Wiring (Cat 5e, 6)
            Industrial & Commercial Only. No Residential
            Professional Concealed Wiring
            Wiring for Networking
            Wiring for CCTV Security
   Build Rack Mount Cabinets
      Build Customized Windows 2003/2008 Server

- Logical Network - Basic Setup of:
      PC's, Modems, Hubs, Switches, Routers, Wireless

Router Logo Internet Connection Service          
      Configure your ISP (AT&T, Charter, Comcast...)
      Setup, configure and secure your router and your network
      Configure up to two (2) computers to use the Internet
      Enable up to two (2) local devices to share: files, printers...