Design and Deployment

Physical and Logical Networks          $65 hour
Network Logo - Physical Network:
      Run Wiring (Cat 5e, 6)
            Industrial & Commercial Only. No Residential
            Professional Concealed Wiring
            Wiring for Networking
            Wiring for CCTV Security
   Build Rack Mount Cabinets
      Build Customized Windows 2003/2008 Server

- Logical Network - Basic Setup of:
      PC's, Modems, Hubs, Switches, Routers, Wireless

QB Logo

Quickbooks: Multi-User Accounting Systems          $50+
      Setup QuickBooks in a Networking/Multi-User Environment
      Configure Quickbooks server          $50
      Each additional workstation          $30
      Setting up Accounts is not included
      Setting up Clients is not included
      Setup includes Quickbooks software application only, to be ready for setting up accounts, data entry, and client implementation in your LAN (Local Area Network)
      Setting up Accounts and Clients          $50 hour

Router Logo Internet Connection Service          $80
      Configure your ISP (AT&T, Charter...)
      Setup, configure and secure your router and your network
      Configure up to two (2) computers to use the Internet
      Enable up to two (2) local devices to share: files, printers...