I'll provide you with an EXACT diagnosis
NOT Hidden Costs
Discreet Data Services
Supervise and Learn while I Repair your PC
IMPORTANT: My services at your premises guarantees YOU that
all your private information will remain with you only
and no unauthorized copies will be made.

Backup Logo Virus Removal          $50
Remove all unwanted programs and infections on one (1) computer:

Virus Logo PC Hardware/Software Performance & Virus + Spyware + Malware + Rootkits Removal

Remove all unwanted programs and infections on one (1) computer
Repair any operating system problems (boot issues, blue screens, etc.)
Apply system tweaks and modifications. NO need to buy extra software
Fix up to 2 logical driver issues: DVD/Printer/Scanner not working...
Perform system updates and improve PC performance
Enable (and teach you about) basic security functions
Create extra user account(s) if needed
Once done, and if necessary, provide you with an estimate for repair/upgrades
NOTE: If your Windows OS has been damaged, and requires to be reconfigured, a backup of all your data to an external hard drive may be necessary. WHEN UNDER THIS FULL SERVICE PACKAGE, backing up your personal data (up to 1TB) will be just $40 extra (hard disk not included). Reconfiguring Windows will be just $40 extra. And, reinstalling all your currently installed software will be just $10 per title

Backup & Data Transfer (up to 4 TB)          $75
Backup Logo Your personal & private digital data grows at a rate of 80% per year
Hard drive crashes, and file deletions occur often. Back up your information periodically!
I can help you. All backups are made to external hard disks or memory modules
Optional: 500 GB hard disk with external USB casing. Add $60
Optional: 1 TB hard disk with external USB casing. Add $99

Computer Logo Physical Computer Set-up          $100
Physically setup one (1) computer and I/O devices
Organize wires. And configure new computer to use your internet connection
NOTE: This service does not includes running wires through walls

Hardware Logo Hardware Installation          $25 per device
Install an internal or external PC device or component, such as:
   Graphics/video cards
   Secondary hard drive
   DVD drive
   New motherboard / processor
   Printer, scanner...

Hardware Repair Logo Computer Hardware Repair          FREE Estimate
I'll physically check your PC at your location
Windows and LINUX based PC's. No Mac's (sorry)
I'll provide you an estimate for hardware repair and/or upgrade(s) IF needed
Please, have a flat area ready where I can work on your PC (table, outlet...)

Software Installation Logo Software Installation          $15 per title
Application Software Installation ONLY:
     No configuration, training and/or setup included
     e.g. AutoCAD, MS Office, Photoshop, QuickBooks, AntiVirus...
     Training on how to use your software: $25 an hour

OS Logo Operating System Installation and Basic Setup:
Option 1: OS Windows 7, 10 or LINUX Ubuntu 16.04+          $100
     Including PC drivers and Antivirus (PC only, LINUX based OS will usually have them all included)
     Additional Software [Install Only, no setup] $15 per title

Option 2: OS Windows Server 2008, 2010+          $400
     >>> NO LINUX/Apache Services offered at the moment <<<
     Domain Name Registration is NOT included
     Additional Software & Services [Install Only, no setup] $15 per title
        e.g. ASPX Service / ColdFusion Service / DNS Service / MS Exchange Service / IIS Service / MySQL Service / PHP Service
     Training on how to use your services: $60 an hour